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Namban collection . Lacquered boxes, t-shirts, badges and umbrella

FOR - IPM (Portuguese Institute of Museums)
MATERIALS - lacquered MDF and aluminium; cotton t-shirts; metal badges
DIMENSIONS - boxes: L297 x W105 x H52.5mm; L105 x W92 x H87.5mm; L192 x W192 x H70mm; t-shirts: S, M and L, (male and female models); badges: Ø25mm
DATE - 2005

The Portuguese first arrived in Japan in 1543, they were known as Namban-jin. The artistic production that arises from these contacts is called Namban, as is the case of the screens that belong to the collection of MNAA - National Museum of Ancient Art and served as inspiration for this set of objects, made especially for the museums shops.